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RF Radio Frequency Facial Lifting Skin Tightening RF Beauty Massager Real

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RF Radio Frequency Facial Lifting Skin Tightening RF Beauty Massager Real

Through my own experimentation I discovered that this works best when applying a conductivity gel or thick hyrolonic acid serum to the skin before use. It will not work properly without this. On dry skin it will not go on at all. The instructions aren’t very clear about this, but this is what I discovered on my own.

Package Included
1x RF Thermage Equipment in a big gift box or in a small box
1x Charging Base
1x USB Charging cable( adaptor not including, you can use your mobile phone adaptor.)

With the use of cream is good, the more moist the skin, the more obvious the effect

Item Type: Thermage RF skin care massager wrinkle remover
Application: Facial, neck, Body
Product Benefits
Skin tightening and pore shrink
Shaping facial contour and remove the fat under your chin
Activate collagen cell, increase skin elasicity and whitening
Fade out dark circles of the eye
Remove the wrinkle of neck
Remove the wrinkle of body
Product Efficacy
1. Electromagnetic energy activates the collagen shrinking and re-generating, obviously remove wrinkle, rejuvenate skin.
2.Tighten and lift loose skin, perfect the face contour.
3.The thermal effect could improve the micro-circulation, accelerate the metabolism, keep skin smooth, elastic and glossy.
4. RF could improve the penetration of skin care products, promote the absorption capacity for skin. Combining the RF beauty device and skin care products, it will bring better effect: refreshing, beautifying and rejuvenating skin.
5. The wavelength of infrared is 880 nm, it's invisible for eyes. It could penetrate into deep skin, and generate thermal energy, which could active cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism, keep skin healthy and energetic.
*The device will auto power off if there is no any operation after 10 minutes.
* User should touch the galvanized sidebar when Thermage (RF) function.
The Advantages of RF Beauty Technology
1)Safe Non-surgical, non-intrusive, non-narcotic, non-injection, painless, no recover phase.
2)Fast Instantly tighten and lift loose skin.
3) Persistent Stimulate the re-generation of collagen continuously, rejuvenate skin and keep long-lasting effect.
Safety Caution
I . This device is for skin beauty care only, please don't use for other purpose.
2. Please follow the operation instructions and shorten use time me for initial use or sensitive skin.
3. Please don't use the device while charging. It will beep after full charged and the indicating light will stop flashing, then please unplug the adaptor.
4. Don't let the device stay on a point more than 3 seconds in order to avoid burnt.
5. Don't wash the device or immerse the unit into water or any other liquids, just clean with wet cloth or cotton swab after treatment.
6. If feel uncomfortable or allergic, stop using and consult a doctor if necessary.
* Innovative multi-points RF treatment probes, which output more RF energy, effectively rejuvenate skin.
* Integrating high energy infrared, improve therapeutic efficacy.
* It can be used for 3 4 hours continuously after full charged.
* Portable and cordless, easy to carry and use anywhere & anytime.
* Inductive design, the treatment probes only get working when touch

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Category: Body Massager, Women

Type: Body Massager

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